The president’s murderer

This story is a police story, it’s all about a man that had been accused of having killed the president and put in prison.  But he escaped an tried to find his way out out wife’s but the police searched everywhere and everyday.

One day he found a grand-mother that knew him as the president’s killer but offered him her help, she gave him food and clean clothes.  After that he continues to run and went to his wife’s house to tell her goodbye and see her for the last time but somebody saw him and told the police about him in his wife’s house.

When he tried to leave the wife’s house he looked left and right to see if the police were there but he never saw the police because they hid in the grasses and when he tried to run, the police shot him an he died.

From my point of view, the man never killed the president and was accused for wrong, the police knew that too but they needed somebody to accuse of the president’s murder.

Short life to the president!

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